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Thinking about renovating your bathroom? In this section we will explain some of the important things to consider before you begin investing.

1. Before you begin

Consider your household's bathroom habits.

How many people use the bathroom at the same time?

Set a bathroom budget.

When considering your budget for the bathroom makeover it’s a good idea to start with the fixtures and fittings, for example tap ware, shower mixers and other bathroom hardware.

We have an up to the minute collection of catalogues from New Zealand's top suppliers and are well placed to offer the right advice, regardless of your budget.

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future remember that renovating a bathroom has one of the highest returns-on-investment of all home renovations.

Consider all your options carefully.

Think about future proofing.

We can help determine the future needs of a growing family, for example older age residents.

Nobody really knows what the future holds but when you use Cleanline you can be sure of quality that lasts.

2. Layouts

The most important thing with the layout of your bathroom is to consider your lifestyle needs vs. the physical limitations of space. Obviously you can move pipes, plumbing fittings etc and these all impact on the final quote.

A single walled bathroom layout plan, complete with plumbing lines to ensure the finished bathroom conforms to the budget requirements of the client.

This is an example of a well laid out corridor bathroom. The traffic flow in and out of the bathroom is easy while maintaining a sense of space.

The client specified tiled flooring which further enhanced the feeling of freedom and size.

This example of a well laid out U-shaped bathroom maximises the available space.

The intelligent positioning of the fixtures and fittings around the walls give the feeling of space without compromising the lifestyle needs of the client.

3. Fixtures and Fittings

With so many options available it can be confusing trying choose the right type for your needs.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure you get value for money without compromise.

From towel rails, tap ware, shower mixers to lighting, heating and ventilation we can provide the best advice to suit you.

Another thing to consider is your choice of shower door and frame - it can have a big impact on the overall effect of your bathroom.

4. Tiling options

Tiling the floors and walls allows you the flexibility and choice other products can’t offer.

Whether it’s a full wall, 3⁄4 wall or only up to the skirting, tiling is one of the most flexible of all wall coverings. From mosaics to simple white tiles, and everything in between, discuss your ideas with us.

Skirting Tiling

Skirting tiling extends up the wall from the floor. Tile trim can enhance the design of the bathroom, and ensures the floor is well covered and watertight.

1⁄2 and 3⁄4 Wall Tiling

The tiles extend only to the height of the wall indicated. Gives added protection to surfaces that could be knocked or damaged, e.g. hand basins

Full Wall Tiling

A Listello set vertically or horizontally around the wall can provide an attractive feature to your bathroom.

The term Listello refers to 'a border feature or strip between tiles or as a finished edge enhancing the wall or floor tile installation'.

5. The all-important hidden details

Wet-Wall Cladding

These examples of wet-wall cladding show some of the finishes that are easy to clean and maintain while protecting your walls from dampness.


We use the very best in waterproofing products and install them to the highest standards. Our work comes with a certificate of compliance.

Under-Floor Heating

For added family comfort we can install under-floor heating. This provides an even temperature from floor to ceiling - no more cold feet.